Jilly Cooper backs anti long-distance transport for slaughter campaign

  • Best selling author Jilly Cooper is supporting World Horse Welfare’s calls for a short, finite journey limit for horses being transported for slaughter.

    Over 65,000 horses destined for slaughter are unnecessarily transported across Europe each year.

    An avid horse lover, Jilly Cooper said: “It breaks my heart to think of the indiscriminate suffering inflicted on horses, ponies and donkeys every day. That’s why I give my whole-hearted support to World Horse Welfare’s campaign.

    “Let’s get behind World Horse Welfare and give them the support they need and deserve to end this terrible and unnecessary cruelty to horses.”

    While there are many licensed slaughterhouses across Europe, thousands of horses are transported in temperatures that can exceed 40 °C, on journeys that often last more than 24 hours. World Horse Welfare is calling for the European Commission to introduce a maximum journey time of 9-12 hours.

    Roly Owers, chief executive at World Horse Welfare said: “We are delighted that Jilly Cooper is speaking out in support of these horses. The long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter is the single biggest abuse of horses in Europe.

    “A short, finite journey limit must be introduced to stop the suffering of these horses.”

    To get involved in the campaign, World Horse Welfare asks members of the public to send a quick and simple email to their MEP. This has to be done by late September 2012 before an important vote takes place. Head to www.worldhorsewelfare.org/help-tomorrow/transport_action for more information.

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