Illustrations of Olympic equestrian sports finalised

  • The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) launched on 16 October the 38 official “pictograms” or symbols illustrating the sports taking place in the 2012 Games.

    These include the four depicting the Olympic equestrian events — jumping, dressage, eventing (pictured) and the modern pentathlon.

    The designs will be used on signs and tickets and during the Games to help spectators find their way around.

    International Olympic Commission (IOC) spokesman Denis Oswald said: “The pictograms of an Olympic Games are a unique link between the host city and the sports involved.

    “The London 2012 pictograms are a strong and dynamic representation of the 2012 sports and are instantly recognisable as part of London’s look, drawing inspiration from the underground map, forever linking these Games to this great city.”

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