Hovis and Henry’s Christmas message [VIDEO]

  • The British Equestrian Federation's Hoof mascot Henry met up with H&H blogger Hovis to discuss their 2014 highlights, share their hopes for 2015 and wish you all a very merry Christmas

    Henry: “Come on Hovis. Get a move on. Anyone would think you were a mechnical horse the way you’re moving…”

    Hovis: “Henry, I’m the Destroyer. I walk like a man in a manly fashion. Prancing about like an over excited fairy is for those stressage divas. Oh my lord, you’re not one of them are you? I beg of you, don’t tell mother.”

    Henry: “Well when you’ve been ridden by such a legend as Charlotte Dujardin a bit does rub off you know.”

    Back at the barn

    Hovis: “I swear she’s missed mud on my front feathers and she’s as bad as mother with the cold water.”

    Henry: “I’m too sensitive to be washed off with water. I might short circuit! I prefer a quick buff with a wipe before bedtime. It gives a great shine to my coat.”

    Hovis: “You’re missing out. You can’t beat a good scratch on a haynet, followed by good groom to get rid of all the bits off your coat. I swear when the body brush hits a certain spot on my neck, I’m swaying with pleasure like Stevie Wonder on a wobble board.”

    Once tucked up in their stables

    Henry: “It’s been quite a year. The past 12 months have brought world records, medals and world number one titles. My star turn at Badminton, the BPA National Paralympic Day, CLA Game Fair — some might call me the whirling dervish of England given the amount I’ve been about…”

    Hovis: “I was rather miffed when I heard YOU had been accepted as the wild card entry at Badminton. I’ve been trying to convince the eventing world of my talents for some time.

    “I tell you what, 2014 has been a crazy year for me too. I launched book number three, and being an all-round good guy (and because mum says I have to), I again gave all the proceeds to Bransby Horses.

    “I then got to go to Your Horse Live and hobnob with all the equine stars. Man, it was amazing! Even mum looked completely gobsmacked by the crowds gathering around me and positively hyperventilated when Mary King came over to have her photo taken with me. Hanging out with such big names can be pretty daunting, but in fairness I thought Mary handled it very well…

    “Another one of my 2014 highlights has been reaching out to my many Horse & Hound readers and swelling my facebook fans, the Hovite Army, to nearly 3,000 people. What did you put on your wishlist this year?”

    Henry: “To encourage more people to take up riding and get involved. What would your wish be?”

    Hovis: “To continue to raise money for my charity Bransby Horses, to share my journey through the Horse & Hound blog, to grow the Hovite Army and finally bag a mare with loose morals…

    “Merry Christmas Henry!”

    Henry: “Merry Christmas Ho-Ho-Hovis!”

    Hovis: “Seriously dude. Don’t give up the day job. Even mother accepts that I’m the funny guy around here.

    “I do just want to wish all my Horse & Hound blog readers and ever faithful Hovite Army, a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

    Henry: “Don’t forget, anyone can get involved. Just visit www.hoofride.co.uk.”

    Video courtesy of the British Equestrian Federation

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