Horse rescued from ditch by firecrews in Lancashire

  • A horse has been rescued by fire crews in Lancashire after becoming trapped in a ditch.

    Lisa Steel was out riding with her father on Sunday afternoon (15 March), when their horses were spooked by people fishing on a nearby lake.

    Both riders were thrown from their horses, who proceeded to gallop back towards the farm in Cleveleys where they are kept.

    “One minute we could see both horses galloping across the fields, and then one disappeared,” said Lisa.

    Lisa found Ryan, a 14-year-old gelding, lying on his back in the ditch.

    “At first it was hard to see him because the ditch was full of brambles and long grass,” said Lisa, “But it became clear that he was lying on his back in muddy water.”

    By the time fire crews from Fleetwood and Preston, and a rope rescue team had arrived, Ryan had scrambled onto his side, and had been sedated by a vet.

    After three hours, they were finally able to get the lifting equipment under the horse and raise him out of the ditch.

    “The ditch was very deep and narrow,” said Colin Hickson of Fleetwood fire station. “It was about six foot deep and only about a metre wide at the base.”

    With the exception of a small cut on his ear needing a few stitches, Ryan escaped with only minor scratches.

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