Horse dies after being hit by train

  • A horse has been killed after being struck by a train in Surrey.

    The horse was killed in Egham on the Prune Hill crossing between Staines and Virginia Water on Monday (16 November) at around 10.15pm.

    The animal was found dead when British Transport Police (BTP) attended.

    The train was coming from Waterloo and heading to Weybridge. There were not many passengers on the train and none were injured.

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    Police are unsure where the animal had come from, how it came to be on the tracks or who owned it.

    “BTP officers were called to a level crossing on Prune Hill near Egham, Surrey on Monday, 16 November following reports a horse had been struck by a train,” a BTP spokesman told H&H.

    “Officers attended with staff from Network Rail at around 10.30pm, where a horse was found dead at the scene. Due to damage sustained by the collision, the train was taken out of service.

    “Passengers were helped from the train and assisted with their onward journeys.”

    This is the first report H&H has heard of a train killing a horse in several months.

    Last November a group of horses were killed after colliding with two trains in Cambridgeshire.

    Also on that occasion police were unable to find an owner.

    The British Transport Police (BTP) , Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, and the ambulance service were called after the horses were struck by the trains at Fen Road level crossing in Milton.

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