Horse cut free after jumping lorry partition [PICS]

  • A horse was freed from a lorry by firefighters after it got stuck trying to jump over the partition into an adjoining kitchen space.

    “The horse had its front half in the kitchen area and its back in its own living quarters,” said Ian Carpenter from Rushmoor fire station.

    The lorry was travelling on the A331 past Aldershot in Hampshire at 2pm on 15 September when the accident happened.

    Horse Rescue 1The police shut one lane of the dual carriageway to wait for the firefighters and vet to arrive.

    The horse was “highly strung” and the animal rescue specialist decided with the vet it needed to be sedated.

    The lorry was then driven to a local watersports car park to allow firefighters to cut the partition and free the horse.

    Cutting the horse free took 1.5hr. “It was a long and complicated job,” added Mr Carpenter.

    A second horsebox was brought to the scene to take the horse back to its owner’s yard.

    The horse was luckily uninjured and made a full recovery.

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