Hendrik Wiegersma is re-learning to walk following accident

  • Lucy Wiegersma‘s father Hendrik has “no feeling in his feet” but is starting to learn to walk again — following his accident on a ride-on mower (news 11 August).

    Mr Wiegersma, a horse dealer, was trapped under the machine for nearly 10 hours when it slipped down a drop at the family’s farm in Devon last month.

    His sister-in-law, Vicky Telesford, said that since being discharged from hospital on 31 August, he has been using a mobility scooter — because of the long-term nerve and muscle damage caused by his ordeal.

    “But he is very determined and is tottering around on crutches.

    “Walking is hard — he has no feeling in his feet — but he is managing to learn to walk again,” she said.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (15 September, 2011)

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