Helping owners deal with death

  • A company called Equine Farewells is launching a nationwide service aimed at helping horseowners decide how deal with having their horses destroyed and disposed of.

    The company, based in Wales, is the brainchild of Caroline Swanson, who has had two horses put down in the past four years. The aim of Equine Farewells is to act as a “middle-man” when a horse has to be put down.

    ” I had a terrible time as I just didn’t know what was available,” she says.”I remember being in a highly emotional state, making phone calls to various businesses, some of which were either insensitive or extremely expensive.

    “My aim is to give people a one-stop shop so that they have time to consider which of the options available in their area is most suitable for them ¨ whether it’s incineration, cremation, the hunt kennel or a number of other possibilities.”

    Over the next few weeks Caroline says she will be investigating the service offered by the 200+ equine disposal services on her database and hopes to be able to produce a list of quality providers who she can recommend nationwide.

    For more information on Equine Farewells, contact (tel: 07971 009216).

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