Help the Budweiser Clydesdales fight for their Super Bowl slot

  • American beer brewing giant Budweiser is letting fans have their say over whether the company’s famous draught horses will appear in advertising at this year’s American football Super Bowl.

    The Budweiser Clydesdales have become something of an institution in the world of American advertising, appearing in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads since 2002.

    But this year, following new ownership, Budweiser is considering dropping its Clydesdale advertisements during the Super Bowl on 7 February — the most prestigious advertising slot on US TV.

    There is hope for the gentle giants yet, however, as Budweiser has decided to allow the public to choose its Super Bowl commercial in a vote currently running on the social networking website, facebook.

    The advert, following the friendship of a calf and Clydesdale foal, is in competition with two other adverts on facebook’s Budweiser fan page.

    Although Budweiser is not publishing the current voting tally, the comments made by voters indicate a strong preference for the Clydesdales.

    So there is still hope for the horses to outshine the football this year.

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