Haylage workshop will teach farmers how to make their own

  • The UK’s first haylage workshop will take place on 3 March at Vale View Equestrian Centre, Leicestershire.

    Organiser the British Grassland Society has put together the event to address the issue of haylage being a distinct forage for horses, rather than a halfway house between silage and hay.

    The workshop will deal with grass species, cutting stage, wrapping, as well as additives and analysis.

    Pat Cole of Colehay has been making haylage for 15 years and welcomed the news of this workshop.

    “Too much haylage last season was hastily made by people who didn’t have the right technology,” he said.

    “It had insufficient wrapping, which produced a wet and unstable product which will make horses colic.

    “It took me four or five years to get it right, and it’s quite simple when you know the rules.”

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