Government horse info online

  • Equestrian enthusiasts can now access a range of government advice and information about horse-related issues, ranging from the accessibility of riding routes and welfare to passports and fallen stock, via dedicated webpages on the Defra website at www.defra.gov.uk/rural/horses

    The government describes the web pages as “an important part of its commitment to the horse industry”, which includes providing information on government equine policy for people who own or work with horses or are interested in equine issues.

    Rural Affairs Minister and Minister for the Horse, Alun Michael, says: “Responsibility for horse issues ranges across the department and government, from access to bridleways to welfare. The new dedicated horse webpages will help people quickly obtain the information they need, or identify the right person in Defra to talk to.”

    The new web pages have also been welcomed by the British Horse Industry Confederation, whose chairman Tristram Ricketts says: “This is an excellent initiative by Defra’s horse industry team. These web pages will play an important part in ensuring that there is easily accessible and co-ordinated information about government policies that affect horses. “

    The new horse web pages include information on a variety of topics from breeding and racing to sport and equestrian tourism, with details on pony trekking holidays and trail riding. Each section includes links to other government departments, horse societies and clubs, to enable easy access to horse-related information on the internet.

    • Defra is keen to receive feedback about how useful the pages are so wny not visit: www.defra.gov.uk/rural/horses and then use the links at the bottom of the welcome page to pass on your thoughts.

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