Get products FREE with Horse & Hound’s co-buying club

  • Hundreds of readers have already signed up to Horse & Hound’s exciting new co-buying service since it was launched on Monday, but did you realise that for every co-buy we run, there is the chance for one lucky reader to get the product absolutely free?

    Part of the co-buying service is ‘Share to Win’. This gives all readers the chance to ‘win’ the co-buy product, even if they haven’t signed up to buy the item, as long as the item sells out.

    When a co-buy goes live, a leader board will show who has signed up for the co-buy and how many other buyers each person has brought in. Every co-buyer will be given a unique trackable link which they can share with their friends to encourage them to join the co-buy. Remember that the more people who join the co-buy, the cheaper the product is for everyone.

    “The Horse & Hound co-buying club is all about sharing these great deals with your friends and encouraging them to join in,” explains website editor Carol Phillips. “The more people who buy, the cheaper the item gets, and with ‘Share to Win’ one lucky reader will get it absolutely free!

    If you want the chance to win without become a co-buyer, the “play now” link will give you the opportunity to ‘win’ the item if you can get more of your friends to become co-buyers than anyone else.

    In the event of a tie at the top of the leader board, the person who joined the co-buy first will win the free product. However, if the tie is between a buyer and a non-buyer then the product will go to the person who has signed up to buy the item, so if you aren’t a co-buyer you may miss out.

    Read more about Share to Win.

    In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the co-buys we have got coming up at www.horseandhound.co.uk/co-buys and sign up for the all-important email alerts, so you will know the moment the co-buy goes live. Also let us know which products you want as co-buys in the future using facebook comments below, via twitter using #HHwishlist or via the forum.

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