Paralysed former eventer Claire Lomas takes on motorbike challenge [VIDEO]

  • Former eventer Claire Lomas has been trying out a different type of horsepower recently — and has been learning to ride a motorbike.

    “It was great fun,” Claire, who rode at Donnington last week, told H&H.

    “I had to have stabilisers to start with, as my balance wasn’t great, but I soon got the hang of it. I began on a less powerful bike, as I had to learn how to control it and use the handlebars.

    I get on from the wheelchair and someone holds the bike to start me off and then helps me at the end.”

    Claire began on a 125cc bike, before progressing to an 850cc one.

    She became involved through Talan Skeels-Piggins — a paraplegic motorcyle rider.

    Talan was paralysed from the chest down in a motorbike accident in 2003.

    Claire’s preparing for a charity ride next month — although she’s being encouraged to join the bike team.

    LOMAS bike“I thought he was joking but he seemed quite keen,” said Claire. “But I’ll see. Talan rides in the team against able-bodied motorcylists — when you’re on the bike there’s no difference.”

    Claire who loves skiing for its “rush and speed” is also enjoyed the adrenaline of the motorbike.

    She will be riding at Silverstone today (Wednesday 6 May) on the anniversary of her accident, which left her paralysed from the chest down.

    Claire was injured in a fall at Osberton in 2007. Since then she has completed several challenges including walking the London Marathon in a special robot suit, and a hand-cycle around England.

    She will be doing a charity ride on 14 June in Leicestershire.

    She added: “That is a more chilled out one, I’ll be on a Harley Davidson trike!”

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