Fall off frequently? Try padded pants

  • If your saddle stickability isn’t what it could be, a pair of padded pants could be just the thing to prevent bruising your behind.

    New unisex Impacta hip protection briefs promise to absorb 80% of the impact to the nether regions in the event of a fall.

    The padded pants incorporate “a soft, thin pad over each hipbone” and are “the natural choice for all activities where the chance of falling or impact to the hip or coccyx is high”, say makers Physiosupplies.

    They go on: “By absorbing and dispersing impact forces away from the hip bone and into the pelvic girdle, surrounding soft tissue and muscle, the risk of hip fracture is greatly reduced.”

    They also claim the pants are thin enough to go unnoticed when worn under most clothing.

    But since the passing of 1940s-style balloon jodhpurs, H&H is not sure riding attire will be quite so accommodating.

    Priced at £29.99, the Impacta range is available from www.physiosupplies.com

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (15 October, ’09)

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