Eye operation for World Horse Welfare pony Toby

  • A pony at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm, near Blackpool, is recovering after having an operation to remove one of his eyes.

    Toby, a 13hh grey six-year-old, had the eye removed in May after being diagnosed with uveitis — inflammation of the middle layer of the eye.

    He originally came into the charity’s care in March 2010 as a welfare case.

    David Catlow, a vet at Oakhill Veterinary Practice, in Lancashire, said: “Toby was suffering from a very painful condition of the eye called persistent uveitis.

    “After suffering from three acute episodes in the months leading up to the operation, and knowing that this would keep happening again, we decided the best treatment option was to surgically remove the affected eye.

    “Whilst it may appear a rather drastic course of action to take, horses cope extremely well with only one eye and are quite capable of continuing to work at even the highest levels of competition.

    “The successful surgery now means that Toby can continue to have an active, happy and pain free future.”

    The operation makes him the first ridden pony in the farm’s history to have an eye removed.

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