Equestrians’ views on rehoming rescue horses revealed

  • More than half of H&H readers would consider rehoming a rescue horse, and almost a third have already done so.

    The results of a poll on horseandhound.co.uk revealed that rehoming is an attractive option to equestrians.

    Of those who completed the poll, 65% said they would consider rehoming in the future, while 28% said they had already rehomed a rescued horse or pony. Just 7% said this wasn’t something they would consider.

    An RSPCA spokesman welcomed the news.

    “It’s great to hear that almost 30% of people have already given a home to a rescue horse or pony,” she told H&H.

    “It’s so encouraging that 65% of people said they too would consider rehoming a rescue horse. We’ve seen some of our horses going on to achieve amazing things from becoming super Pony Club ponies, happy-hackers, carriage ponies, showjumpers and even just wonderful companions.”

    Thriving in his new home

    Coloured pony Mickey was found collapsed in a Leicester park close to a busy main road at the start of the year (23 January).
    After being rescued by an RSPCA inspector, he received urgent veterinary treatment from a vet.

    “When I arrived to catch Mickey he was already in such a bad way that he had collapsed on the ground,” said RSPCA inspector Sharon Knight.

    Mickey in the park

    “When equine vet Melissa Packer arrived she was keen to explore all avenues to save his life and it’s down to her that he has pulled through. Mickey was thin and exhausted, and he was suffering with a huge infestation of lice.”

    Mickey was transported to a boarding yard in the Leicester area.

    “Poor Mickey remained on a drip for more than two days after we transported him to our yard,” said Ms Packer.

    Mickey was taken to a boarding yard for treatment

    “He was covered in lice so we had to clip his matted coat, and underneath, he was just skin and bone, he was in an awful state.

    “After a blood transfusion, the drip and lots of TLC, his health started to improve slowly, and I’m delighted to say that he is now in a new home in Leicestershire.”

    Mickey’s new owner Mags said she was “so happy” to have him.

    “He is a cheeky chappy, and very loving,” she said.

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    “He has fitted into our family of ponies very well and he is just a super little foal. He has a home with us for the rest of his life, so thank you to the RSPCA and Mel and her team for all the hard work making him better, I feel very fortunate to have him.”

    If you’re interested in learning more about the RSPCA’s rescue horses and ponies looking for a home, visit www.rspca.org.uk/findapet, or contact one of the charity’s equine rehoming centres.

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