Endurance rider died ‘accidentally’

  • An inquest into the death of Jane Jones, the first ever human fatality in an endurance event, returned a verdict of accidental death.

    The inquest, which took place on 10 August, confirmed that Mrs Jones suffered severe internal bleeding and multiple rib fractures after a fall. The accident happened when Mrs Jones fell from her 12-year-old former racehorse when he bolted at an Endurance GB event at Margam Park in Wales last April (news, 27 April 2006).

    Mrs Jones landed on a log, exacerbating her injuries. Dense forest around the scene of the accident prevented the air ambulance from landing. It took 1hr for the off-road vehicle to take her over rough terrain to event control to meet the ambulance.

    Mrs Jones was flown to Marriston Hospital, Swansea, where she died.

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