Endurance rider Chris Yeoman suspended after positive dope test

  • Endurance rider Christine Yeoman has been suspended from competition after her horse tested positive to a banned substance.

    Christine has been automatically provisionally suspended by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) after a positive dope test on her horse Forrest at the Euston Park ride on 9 August.

    The horse tested positive for ractopamine — a feed supplement commonly given to pigs to promote muscle growth.

    Chris — wife of Endurance GB’s chairman, John Yeoman — has competed for Team GB since 2006. But her suspension now rules her out of taking part in the European Championships in Assisi, Italy on 26 September.

    EGB deputy chairman Jo Claridge expressed “surprise and disbelief” in response to the allegation on behalf of the sport’s UK governing body, adding: “The team members are devastated.”

    In a statement on Endurance GB’s website, Chris Yeoman said she is “devastated” to learn of her suspension last Friday morning (17 September) and stated “categorically” that she has never knowingly fed ractopamine to her horses.

    “I have never heard of it before,” said the rider. “I can only say at this stage I am trying to find out at this stage how this substance was found in my horse…I will do everything in my power to clear my name.”

    Rachael Atkinson will take Chris’s place on the team, with her ride Vanash.

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