Dressage saddle sale at World Horse Welfare centre in Norfolk

  • Snap up a bargain-priced new saddle on Tuesday 15 December, when equine charity World Horse Welfare holds a sale at its recovery and rehabilitation centre in Snetterton, Norfolk.

    Saddle manufacturer Albion has donated 15 black dressage saddles to the charity, made by the company’s apprentices.

    “These beautiful saddles would normally retail in excess of £1,000 each but are being offered for sale at £295, with all of the proceeds going to World Horse Welfare,” said Mel Wallis-Johnson of World Horse Welfare. “We would like to thank Albion for its generosity.”

    Although the saddles meet the high Albion standards of safety and craftsmanship, they are not branded or sold with a warranty.

    World Horse Welfare recommends that saddles should always be professionally fitted.

    The sale will take place at World Horse Welfare Hall Farm, Snetterton on 15 December from 7-9pm, on a first come first served basis.

    Visit www.worldhorsewelfare.org/hall for further information.

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