Do you know who owned this horse?

  • An RSPCA inspector is calling for a “tightening of equine identification laws” after finding a dumped colt in “indescribable pain”.

    The RSPCA is appealing for information after an un-microchipped yearling (pictured above) was found lying in a Gloucestershire field with serious injuries.

    The skewbald colt had a broken elbow and a large open wound to one foreleg, while the hoof on his off hind was coming away. It is not known how long he had been lying there. He was euthanased at the scene by a vet.

    RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith, who attended the scene, called for better enforcement of microchipping regulations.

    “The laws around equine identification need tightening to stop these sort of incidents,” she said. “People should not be allowed to get away with causing suffering to animals and then leaving them in terrible pain. The only comfort I can take from this incident is that the horse at least knew kindness at the end of his short life and that he is no longer suffering.”

    It is thought that, until very recently, there were people living in the field adjacent to the one in which the horse was found, off Naas Lane in Brookthorpe. The field had a worn track around the edge, indicating it had been used either as a horse “trotting” track or for quad bikes.

    Anyone with information about who owned this horse should contact the RSPCA inspector appeal line in confidence on tel: 0300 123 8018.

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