Debate on the use of bute in horse sport set for mid-August

  • A global debate on the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as bute in competition has been scheduled in August.

    The FEI — the international governing body of horse sport — has scheduled the debate for 16 and 17 August in Lausanne, Switzerland. National equestrian federations, horse riders, owners, vets and trainers from around the world are all invited.

    The two-day congress is part of the FEI’s global consultation on the use of NSAIDs such as bute in competition.

    Last November the FEI met with huge opposition after a vote was passed to allow NSAIDs such as bute in horse sport without prior discussion with national federations.

    The debate in August will be chaired by a panel of leading vets from around the world — many of whom were horrified at the FEI’s plans.

    Following the August meeting, a formal consultation will begin with National Federations, to allow them an educated and informed vote before the FEI general assembly in November.

    The governing body later backtracked, saying more consultation was needed.

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