Dead yearling found dumped in Hertfordshire lane

  • Police in Hertfordshire are appealing for information after a dead pony was found in a quiet country lane.

    The yearling was still warm when it was found on the roadside by a farmer at about 9.30am last Friday in Grubbs Lane, Wild Hill near Welwyn.

    Pc Jo Wakelin, beat officer for the area, said: “It has obviously been dragged off a trailer and can only have been dead a couple of hours.

    “It had some small marks and had no horseshoes, but looked like it had been once kept in a field.”

    She said it looked as though it had died of natural causes but that the owner had dumped the body rather than dispose properly of it.

    At least two people must have been involved, she added, because it was quite a heavy animal.

    She appealed for anyone who might have seen it being dumped from a trailer or seen people at the roadside there to come forward so they could find out what had happened.

    Contact police on Tel: 01707 638855.

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