Contractors not prosecuted after horse was electrocuted

  • A rider whose horse was electrocuted by a damaged cable has spoken of her disgust that the company responsible have not been prosecuted.

    Tina Brown was riding her horse Merlin on Station Road in East Ardsley, Yorkshire when he suddenly screamed and shot forward. She got off the horse to investigate and he collapsed onto the wet ground.

    Ms Brown discovered he had been electrocuted when her friend received a shock from the horse while trying to remove his bridle.

    Merlin collapsed on the ground and died two hours later.

    Contractors CR Reynolds were working on the curbing on Station Road and had severed the electricity cable, but had not reported it.

    Leeds Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are currently investigating the incident but CR Reynolds have not been prosecuted.

    Ms Brown told H&H: “I think that they have got off very lightly. It’s an absolute disgrace.

    “Merlin was lying on the ground and we couldn’t move him for two hours.

    “If I had not dismounted to see what was wrong with the horse I would have been trapped under him when he collapsed and would have been in direct contact with the live ground too. It could have killed me.

    “Apparently the voltage was not considered high enough to kill a human — yet it killed a horse.”

    A spokesman for the HSE said: “The investigation has not yet concluded.

    “But to prosecute there would need to be evidence that there was a breach in the law regarding duty of care and that people were at risk.

    “The company have been served with an improvement notice — they must change their excavation and reporting procedures and failure to do so could result in prosecution.

    “The fact the horse was wearing metal shoes may have had some bearing on the current and voltage.”

    CR Reynolds declined to comment when contacted by H&H.

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