Cloning Tamarillo: H&H readers have their say

Shortly before Horse & Hound broke the thrilling news that former British eventer Tamarillo has a clone on the ground, we canvassed our reader panellists for their views.

We asked them, if you could see any former British team horse cloned, who would you choose? And what was their opinion on cloning horses as a concept? Here is what they had to say…

Jennifer Hart
Candidates for cloning: Supreme Rock, Tamarillo, Drivetime.
Should we clone? NO, on ethical grounds.

Danielle Dawson
Candidates for cloning: Opposition Buzz, Miners Frolic.
Should we clone? UNSURE. It’s a step further away from nature, but I can see it becoming the norm.

Sarah Merchant
Candidates for cloning: Milton, King William, Get Smart
Should we clone? YES. It’s a long time since domesticated animals were allowed to breed in a wholly natural manner, so I see no distinction.

Amanda Myall
Candidates for cloning: Big Star, Valegro, Toytown
Should we clone? UNSURE: It’s no guarantee of success, as still exposed to injuries, training and different riders.

Amy Bratt
Candidates for cloning: Milton
Should we clone? NO. Not viable and potentially gives a horse an unfair advantage in competition.

Here is how you responded to the news on social media:

Gillian Lillis
Who’s going to be cloned next then; Valegro, Frankel, Milton? It’s so wrong messing with nature.

Lisa Gibbons
I don’t agree with it and I don’t think any cloned horse should be allowed to breed or compete. Nature should be left alone and not interfered with.

MayMay Lam
Cloning takes the individuality out of horses. Part of the fun is pairing horses up to see what can be produced. Besides, cloning an amazing horse doesn’t necessarily gaurantee an amazing horse as a result. Most great things come from love and good training, not just genetics. It’s very interesting though.

Nikki K Gear
I found the article interesting and given how much it costs I can’t see it happening that often.

Jackie Cook
What about genetic mutations in years to come? These horses should not be allowed to compete. It’s owners greed yet again.

I don’t understand why people are so against it, I say fair play to them. If I could do it I would!

LOVE that Tamarillo has a clone!

What do you think? Send us your views to hhletters@ipcmedia.com or let us know via facebook comments below.

Watch the foal at 6 weeks old in this video


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