Charity saves hundreds of starving horses

  • Global welfare charity the Brooke has saved nearly 500 horses in drought-stricken Nicaragua from starvation.

    The charity distributed 7,500 bales of pressed hay to horses owners in Managua, Masaya and Rivas over the summer.

    Many of working horses were very thin but 65% have now either maintained or increased their Nicaragua-2body condition.

    A horse is the sole income for many poor families in Nicaragua, supporting six people on average.

    Trinidad Garcia from Masaya uses her horse, Chinga to plough, transport vegetable harvests and carry water from a well to her house.

    “Chinga helps us with everything and I don’t know how we could survive without her. Thanks to the Brooke, I feel happier about my family’s future,” she said.

    Nicaragua-3Dr Maria Elena Solarzano a vet working in Nicaragua said: “It hasn’t been easy, but we’re so glad that this feeding has made a difference. We’re working with the communities here to come up with long term solutions and stop this from happening again.”

    The Brooke works in 11 countries and this year celebrates 80 years helping to improve the lives of working horses and donkeys.

    For more information visit: www.thebrooke.org

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