Celebrating the Cleveland Bay

  • For the second year running, the Beamish Museum in County Durham is staging a special celebration day to promote one of Britain’s rare breeds, the Cleveland Bay.

    Among the museum’s herd of Clevelands which will be on view is stallion, Traquair Jason.

    Peter Bassett, the museum’s horseman for the past 11 years, says: “We want to promote the breed and get rid of the misconception that they are difficult. It’s not true. I think the equine fraternity is sometimes just not used to intelligent horses.

    “If you get on the right side of them, they will do anything for you “

    The Cleveland Bay breed is still on the decline. Only 30 licensed animals were bred last year

    Sunday’s celebrations begin at around 10am. For more details (tel: 0191 370 4000) or visit www.beamish.org

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