Carian Scudamore ready to jump at Youth Olympics

  • Team GB showjumper Carian Scudamore will jump at the Youth Olympics tomorrow (Wednesday 18 August), despite reports to the contrary.

    It was recently reported on internet news sites that Carian Scudamore faced an “anxious wait” to see if she could jump after her horse was injured. But the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has confirmed she will.

    “Carian’s horse had a slight rub from a boot on a back leg,” said a BEF spokesman.

    “This is now fine and she will ride the horse tomorrow in the first round of the team competition. Training has gone well and the competition starts at 9.30am local time tomorrow.”

    Seventeen-year-old Carian has been paired with 12-year-old gelding Mighty McGyver. The competitors drew lots for the horses.

    Corinne Bracken, coach and athlete manager for the European team, said: “Mighty McGyver is a true thoroughbred, small and flighty, very quick and well suited to Carian. Overall the team has a mixture of horses — with some better than others but we’ll see how it goes!

    “The horse [Mighty McGyver] is not easy but Carian is doing fantastically well on it. The horse’s trainer was very complimentary about how well it was jumping for her, so fingers crossed!”

    Teams are made up of different nations from each continent, giving the riders an opportunity to bond with athletes from other countries.

    The first round of the competition starts tomorrow (18 August) the second on Saturday (21 August) and the individual rounds on Monday (23 August).

    “We are very excited about tomorrow’s competition, as it’s the first of its kind”, said John Roche, FEI Director of Jumping.

    “It’s a wonderful opportunity for young athletes from all over the world to be able to measure their talents against their fellow competitors, which of course, will result in gold, silver and bronze medals for riders from three continents.”

    The Youth Olympic Games take place in Singapore from 14-26 August.

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