Can you help foster James the abandoned foal?

  • A foster mother, who has recently lost her own foal, is needed for a four-day-old colt rescued by Bristol charity HorseWorld on Tuesday night (26 May).

    The foal was found abandoned on a Welsh common following a call to a vet practice from a member of the public.

    Sarah Hollister, of the equine welfare team at HorseWorld, said: “The foal was extremely weak when we picked him up and he is suffering from a severe infection in his joints which may also have caused some liver damage.

    “He has no natural immunity because he is not feeding from his mother and he has had to have a plasma infusion to save his life.

    “Although he is making good progress now and is able to feed from a bottle his life still hangs in the balance and we are desperately looking for a mare who can take the place of his mother.”

    The equine welfare team cared for the foal, named James by staff, throughout the night, bottle-feeding him every two hours.

    Mark Owen, managing director of HorseWorld said: ”The St James Veterinary Group contacted a large number of charities who were unable to help and they were advised to put the foal to sleep.

    “But HorseWorld will never turn away a horse or pony in need and we were pleased that we could get involved and give the foal a fighting chance at life.”

    The charity has contacted the National Foaling Bank and anyone who is able to help find a foster mare is asked to contact Sarah Hollister on 01275 832425.

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