British Dressage postpones major changes

  • A dramatic overhaul of British Dressage’s (BD) competition structure has been postponed until December 2015.

    BD announced the proposed changes — which have been designed to make the structure “less complicated” and “less restrictive” — earlier this year. It then held an open consultation period with its members until 6 June.

    The response to the change was overwhelmingly positive with 70% in favour, but only 12% of BD members chose to give feedback.

    “That’s a disappointing input,” said one member. “People cannot complain after the event if the rules don’t suit.”

    The rules and fixtures committee  has now decided to postpone any changes for another year.

    “We appreciate some will be disappointed by having to wait another year, but with something so fundamental which will change the sport significantly we have to make sure it’s right,” said BD’s Tamsyn Cowie.

    BD has said it anticipates holding a second consultation later in the year before the changes are finalised.

    BD hopes to have the new rules finalised by early 2015 so that riders have time to understand the changes before they come into force.

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (10 July, 2014)

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