Bedmax launch Jubilee “plant a pine” campaign

  • Shavings company Bedmax has launched a “Jubilee plant a pine” campaign.

    Bedmax, who make pine shavings for horse bedding launched the campaign this week to celebrate the Royal Jubilee year and to highlight the benefit of pine shavings.

    From its trade stand at events throughout the year, including Bramham, Burghley and Blair Castle International Horse Trials Bedmax will be giving away Scots Pine saplings to visitors to plant.

    Bedmax’s Tim Smalley said: “We decided to use pine for our shavings because our research justified the health advantages Bedmax provided to horses in the stable.

    “Pine has been used medicinally and as an antiseptic for centuries in cultures all over the world, but it wasn’t until recently that its anti-bacterial effects were scientifically proved. Now we have scientific evidence that pine really does kill off a wide range of harmful bacteria and fungi, and this is a factor that horse ownersshould be aware of when they’re choosing bedding.”

    For more information about the “Jubilee plant a pine” campaign visit: www.bedmaxshavings.com

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