Beach balls and mopeds a no-go for World Equestrian Games

  • If you’re planning a trip to the World Equestrian Games next month, you may want to leave the rollerskates and beach balls at home.

    Tryon International Equestrian Center, US, has set out a list of banned items for the championships, which run from 11 to 23 September, and there are some slightly unexpected inclusions.

    Apart from the banning of obvious no-go items such as weapons, and the considerate inclusion of “cameras that obstruct spectators’ view”, anyone who fancies an impromptu sit-down should be warned that “no lawn or oversized chairs” are allowed.

    And for anyone thinking “Well, if I have to leave the oversized chair at home, I’ll just bring my ‘seat cushion in a carrying case that has pockets’,” it’s a no for those too.

    You’re not allowed to take in fireworks or laser pointers, for anyone who’s already packed either item, and any burlesque fans are warned that they should leave their masks at home (except ‘medical breathing apparatus’).

    Video cameras, laptops and selfie sticks are out, along with aerosols and “irritants such as artificial noise-makers”. Hopefully it won’t be wet, as umbrellas are banned, but if it’s hot, you will be allowed suncream, as long as it’s in a 3oz or smaller container.

    You can’t take in your own food or drink, although given that “plastic, metal or glass cups, cans or containers of any kind” are also banned, except those for “medical or infant needs”, you won’t be able to carry your victuals anyway.

    Spectators will also have to resist the temptation to take “inflatables such as beach balls, etc”, rollerskates or shoes with wheels, tricycles, hoverboards, motorcycles or mopeds, not to mention televisions, radios, portable speakers — or pets.

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    Bags bigger than 6” by 6” by 6” must be clear, to “provide a safer environment for the public and to significantly expedite spectator entry to the property”, although exceptions apply to infant items and for “documented medical reasons”.

    “These rules have been implemented for the safety of spectators, athletes, and staff, and reflect the same policies that are used at all major sporting events and venues,” the Tryon website states.

    A Tryon “security policy update” statement released last night (Tuesday), added: “Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. Your feedback is important. We are reviewing the current security measures and will be updating within the next 24 hours. Please stay tuned!”

    *The venue has since issued an updated policy, adding the below:

    -(1) sealed clear bottle of water per person/attendee
    -(1) 24oz or smaller non-glass, empty container per person; clear containers are preferred as opaque containers will be subject to a security check
    -No coolers will be allowed
    -(1) pint-sized (6.625″ x 5.875″) plastic bag of snack per person
    -Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options will be available at the food concessions within the venue
    -(1) maximum camera lens of 70-300mm is permitted
    -Camera bags will be subject to a security check and tagged
    Lawn Chairs
    -Lawn chairs ARE permitted for eventing cross-country and driving marathon competitions ONLY
    -(1) Lawn chair will be allowed per ticket holder
    -Lawn chair bags will subject to an additional security screening and tagged

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