Full Badminton running order: find out when your favourite rider will start

Caroline Powell and Up Up And Away will be first out of the start box, it was revealed during the live draw for the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials running order.

The draw was streamed on the Badminton and Horse & Hound Facebook pages at 2pm today, with Rupert Bell as the compère and guests Mary King and technical delegate Marcin Konarski carrying out the draw.

New Zealand rider Caroline will also wear number 87 with her second horse, On The Brash.

Georgie Spence will be the first British rider into the arena and on to the cross-country, carrying the number two on Halltown Harley. She will also start at number 89 with Wii Limbo.

Last year’s winners Andrew Nicholson and Nereo will be number four as they defend their title.

German favourite Michael Jung and the legendary La Biosthetique-Sam FBW will start at number 30 so their dressage will be on the first day, Thursday, probably in the afternoon session.

Fans of Ben Hobday and the supercob Mr Mulry will need to make an early start as he has been drawn at number 19.

H&H bloggers Kirsty Short (Cossan Lad) and Simon Grieve (Drumbilla Metro) are numbers 55 and 39.

William Fox-Pitt, who is back at Badminton for the first time since his win in 2015, will wear number 51 with Fernhill Pimms, while three-time winner Pippa Funnell heads out 10 horses earlier as number 41 on Billy Beware.

Horses have been numbered one to 93, but the maximum starting field is 85. Two horses (Fernhill Pimms and Absolut Opposition) are still on the wait-list, plus Tina Cook and Oliver Townend still have to decide which of their entered horses they will compete, as Tina has three horses entered and Oliver four, but they can only start on two mounts.

Full Badminton Horse Trials running order

  1. Caroline Powell on Up Up And Away
  2. Georgie Spence on Halltown Harley
  3. Tom McEwen on Toledo De Kerser
  4. Andrew Nicholson on Nereo
  5. Alex Bragg on Zagreb
  6. Mark Todd on Leonidas II
  7. Gemma Tattersall on Pamero 4
  8. Harry Dzenis on Xam
  9. Oliver Townend on Cooley Master Class OR
  10. Oliver Townend on Cooley SRS OR
  11. Oliver Townend on Ballaghmor Class
  12. Tina Cook on Star Witness OR
  13. Tina Cook on Billy The Red
  14. Ciaran Glynn on Killossery Jupiter Rising
  15. Richard Jones on Alfies Clover
  16. Alicia Hawker on Charles RR
  17. Dan Jocelyn on Dassett Cool Touch
  18. Alexander Whewall on Chakiris Star
  19. Ben Hobday on Mulrys Error
  20. Clare Abbott on Euro Prince
  21. Dag Albert on Mitras Eminem
  22. Padraig McCarthy on Mr Chunky
  23. Louise Harwood on Mr Potts
  24. Kate Honey on Fernhill Now Or Never
  25. Alan Nolan on Bronze Flight
  26. Tom Jackson on Waltham Fiddlers Find
  27. Aoife Clark on Master Rory
  28. Selena O’Hanlon on Foxwood High
  29. Andy Daines on Spring Panorama
  30. Michael Jung on La Biosthetique-Sam FBW
  31. Patricia Ryan on Dunrath Eclipse
  32. Giovanni Ugolotti on Cult Rewind
  33. Michael Ryan on Dunlough Striker
  34. Tim Price on Ringwood Sky Boy
  35. Denis Mesples on Oregon De La Vigne
  36. Lydia Hannon on My Royal Touch
  37. Imogen Gloag on Brendonhill Doublet
  38. Dannielle Dunn on Zocarla BLH
  39. Simon Grieve on Drumbilla Metro
  40. Lauren Kieffer on Veronica
  41. Pippa Funnell on Billy Beware
  42. Virginia Thompson on Star Nouveau
  43. Flora Harris on Bayano
  44. Sarah Bullimore on Reve Du Rouet
  45. Ros Canter on Allstar B
  46. Yoshiaki Oiwa on The Duke Of Cavan
  47. Bill Levett on Alexander NJ
  48. Izzy Taylor on Perfect Stranger
  49. Georgie Strang on Cooley Earl
  50. James Sommerville on Talent
  51. William Fox-Pitt on Fernhill Pimms
  52. Imogen Murray on Ivar Gooden
  53. Will Furlong on Collien P2
  54. Aurelien Leroy on Seashore Spring
  55. Kirsty Short on Cossan Lad
  56. Paul Tapner on Bonza King Of Rouges
  57. Regis Prud’hon on Kaiser HDB 4175
  58. Cedric Lyard on Qatar Du Puech Rouget
  59. Lissa Green on Hollyfield
  60. Ashley Edmond on Triple Chance
  61. Dee Hankey on Chequers Playboy
  62. Carlos Diaz Fernandez on Junco CP
  63. Tom Crisp on Coolys Luxuey
  64. Becky Woolven on Charlton Down Riverdance
  65. Jonty Evans on Cooley Rorkes Drift
  66. Warren Lamperd on Silvia
  67. Joseph Murphy on Sportsfield Othello
  68. Jonelle Price on Classic Moet
  69. Piggy French on Vanir Kamira
  70. Nana Dalton on Absolut Opposition
  71. Madeline Backus on PS Arianna
  72. Hanne Wind Ramsgaard on Verstervangs Arami
  73. Emilie Chandler on Coopers Law
  74. Harry Meade on Away Cruising
  75. Dani Evans on Smart Time
  76. Will Coleman on OBOS O’Reilly
  77. Michael Owen on Bradeley Law
  78. James O’Haire on China Doll
  79. Sam Griffiths on Paulank Brockagh
  80. Gemma Tattersall on Arctic Soul
  81. Andrew Nicholson on Jet Set
  82. Alex Bragg on Redpath Ransom
  83. Mark Todd on Kiltubrid Rhapsody
  84. Harry Dzenis on Dromgurrihy Blue
  85. Tina Cook on Calvino II OR
  86. Tina Cook on Billy The Red
  87. Caroline Powell on On The Brash
  88. Ciaran Glynn on November Night
  89. Georgie Spence on Wii Limbo
  90. Oliver Townend on MHS King Joules OR
  91. Oliver Townend on Cooley SRS OR
  92. Oliver Townend on Ballaghmor Class
  93. Tom McEwen on Strike Smartly

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