Appeal starts for first huntsman convicted under Hunting Act

  • The first huntsman to be prosecuted under the Hunting Act 2004 appeared in court yesterday to appeal his conviction.

    Tony Wright, huntsman of the Exmoor Foxhounds, appeared in Exeter Crown Court for the first day of his appeal. Like the Quantock Staghounds case last month, Tony Wright’s appeal hinges on the exemption of flushing a fox using two hounds.

    He was convicted by Barnstable Magistrates Court in August 2006 of hunting a wild mammal with dogs, in a prosecution brought privately by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS).

    The Barnstable judge’s ruling was based on video evidence filmed by LACS on 29 April 2005.

    Tony Wright’s Exeter Crown Court hearing is likely to last until Thursday, with a reserved judgement expected.

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