New interactive website launched by Fit to Ride

  • Fit to Ride, a site with a range of information to help riders, has launched its brand new interactive website.

    The site, which is designed and led by Human Performance Coach Jon Pitts, works to “bring better, safer riding to the wider equestrian public through performance, confidence and safety programmes”.

    Jon Pitts, who works with the Equestrian Australia High Performance Programme, said: “With more information, features and exclusive content than ever before; we want this to grow to become an interactive community for the wider equestrian public, providing them with a better, safer way to ride their horses.”

    Alongside information about the programmes on offer, the site includes a media section with videos and articles, a community forum, and a shop. A “virtual clinic” feature will also be launching later in the year where riders can upload training and competition footage for feedback.

    For more information visit www.fittoride.org.

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