Eventing syndication company wins award

  • New performance horse syndication company Kudo Rock won the new media and online business award at the Venus Awards last week (1 October).

    The company set up by Zoe Lortal in January sells both leases and full shares in performance horses across the UK.

    “It is a completely new concept,” said Zoe. “There are no other companies globally in the eventing world doing this, although it is very common in racing.”

    Zoe, 38, said the business is aimed at older coupless that have had horses but don’t want the commitment of ownership.

    “Leasers get a cut of the prize money but it is more about the passion and enjoying the social side of eventing,” she said.

    Her lease fees range from £20 a day up to £10,000 per annum depending on how often a horse competes and how many sharers it has.

    The fees are based on the annual running costs of £20,000-£25,000 for a lower level event horse divided by the number of sharers.

    The company based in the Isle of Wight is looking for event horses with potential and will then sell the shares.

    “The business is going to take a couple of years to get going but we’ve had great feedback. Winning this award has been a huge boost,” Zoe told H&H.

    The Venus awards were started in 2009 to recognise, reward and celebrate working women in business in the south.

    After winning the award in Portsmouth, Zoe goes forward to the National Finals held next January.

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