Time to stand up and be counted

  • Simon Hart, chief executive, Countryside Alliance

    “At the moment, it looks like I’ll be out with the Beaufort at Badminton — probably on my feet, I hasten to add. It’s a work day; there’ll be a lot of media there and I’ll have a lot to do.”

    Brian Fanshawe, secretary, Council of Hunting Associations

    “I shall probably go to the Beaufort because it’s just up the road. I’ll be on foot as I haven’t been on a horse for 10 years.”

    Alastair Jackson, director, Masters of Foxhounds Association

    “I’ll go to our local meet, which is the Heythrop. I’ll be on foot as I haven’t ridden since I hunted hounds back in 1989.”

    William Fox-Pitt, H&H eventing columnist

    “We’re going out with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale. My wife, Alice, is at Wincanton but is going to try to make it — we’ll both be riding.”

    Marcus Armytage, H&H racing columnist

    “I’ll be going out — mounted — with the Old Berks, where I used to be a master. I will be writing a report for H&H.”

    James Gray MP, shadow countryside minister

    “Members of Parliament must not break the law, but most hunts, including the Avon Vale, of which I’m a member, are saying that they won’t break the law, so I’ll be going along on foot to our meet. I won’t be mounted because I’ve only been out a few times this season so I’m not fit enough to ride. My son will be mounted, though. But I will be there and I will speak to the crowd if I can.”

    Stuart Hollings, H&H showing columnist

    “I’ll be going out on foot — I don’t do much riding these days — with what on Wednesday will still be the Vale of Lune Harriers, but on the 19th will be the Three Counties Bloodhounds by invitation of the Vale of Lune Harriers. They pre-empted the ban and bought some Bloodhounds a while ago. They’re called the Three Counties because they hunt in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria.”

    Michael Clayton, H&H columnist and former Editor

    “I’ve been helping to organise the huge demonstration through Melton Mowbray, so I shall be there — on my feet.”

    Graham Fletcher, H&H show jumping columnist

    “I’m sure we’ll be going out on Saturday — our local pack is the Old Berks. If I have a horse I think will be huntable I’ll take that.”

    Michael Markham, co-founder of the Hunting Declaration

    “I’ll be out with the Warwickshire but will not be on a horse because I’ll be videoing the day and it’s difficult to do so on horseback. Both Roger Scruton and I feel that the 44,000 signatures [gained on the hunting declaration] have huge political importance and I hope that the leadership of the hunting community is still considering the enormous potential of deploying this movement.”

    Lucy Higginson, Editor, Horse & Hound

    “I’ll be following the Old Berkshire hunt, mounted. It’s meeting at its kennels, near Faringdon. And I very much hope that besides getting a huge turnout, we’re able to have some sort of fun afterwards, in a way that provides some stimulation for followers on horses, in cars and for the hounds.

    “Additionally, I’m pleased to report that our racing editor will be following the Ledbury or North Ledbury on foot; our news editors will be riding out with the Surrey Union; our hunting editor will be out on foot with a Kent pack, our show jumping editor will be on foot with an Essex pack; our deputy picture editor will be mounted with the Thurlow and one of our editorial assistants will be out with the Oakley on foot.”

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  • This news feature was first published in Horse 7 Hound (17 February, ’05)

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