Terrier stolen along with eight-horse lorry at hunt meet

  • A heart-broken woman is appealing for information after her 18-month-old Border terrier was stolen along with a eight-horse lorry from close to the meet of the Cheshire Forest hunt last Saturday (15 November).

    Emma Buckles, head groom of a yard in Formby, left her dog Jasmin, or “Jazz”, in the Ford Cargo lorry while she and seven others joined the newcomers’ meet at Peover Hall near Knutsford. When they returned at 2pm the box had gone.

    “One of the riders finished early and came back the box at 1.30pm, so we know it was still there then. But half an hour later it had disappeared,” she told H&H.

    There was one horse on the box when it was stolen, Jackson, but he was recovered half a mile down the road at Goostrey.

    Emma thinks he was dumped there by the thieves.

    “I am absolutely devastated about Jasmin,” said Emma. “We have contacted all the animal charities and vets and put up posters everywhere but no-one has seen her.”

    The eight-horse box has an aluminium flat-sided body and a white cab. The registration number is Y393 KBA.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Emma on 07980993393.

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