North Shropshire hunt faces opposition to moving kennels

  • Plans to move the hounds of the North Shropshire hunt to a new site are being opposed by members of the community.

    The row echoes one in Somerset where the Mendip Farmers plan to move their kennels (news, 21 February).

    In Shropshire, a group is opposing planning permission for the proposed site at Whixall. But the hunt say they have the support of the council and a move is inevitable.

    The North Shropshire was based at Lee Brockhurst for over a century, but last year moved into temporary accommodation at Hadnall following a £3,000 fine by the Environment Agency when foul water from the kennels polluted a local watercourse.

    Joint-master Will Warner explained: “We did not need all the space at the old site as we have fewer hounds and staff than in the past and would need to make expensive environmental changes.”

    The hunt has permission to build housing on the old site to fund the proposed kennels.

    “We are confident our move is just a planning procedure now,” said Mr Warner. “We have to go.”

    But a spokesman for the opposition group said: “We would be exposed to noise and smell, traffic problems and the risk of contamination to our livestock from carcasses from across the region.”

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (20 March, ’08)

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