Hunting vote set for 18 March

  • Commons and Lords will be asked to choose between three options

    Leader of the House of Common’s, Robin Cook, has told the House of Common’s that a vote on banning foxhunting in England and Wales will take place on Monday, 18 March.

    The Commons and the House of Lords will be asked to choose between the three options that were put forward during the last parliament; a total ban, maintaining the current system or, alternatively, regulating the sport under the “middle way” option.

    Charges made by the opposition that the Government were turning the public’s attention away from the beleaguered career of Transport Secretary Stephen Byers were brushed away by the Common’s Leader.

    “The government will table a motion enabling the House to express its view in a free vote between the three options,” explained Mr Cook.

    Should the Lords vote for regulation this time, politicians will be able to draw upa bill which could be pushed through the next session of Parliament.

    The Countryside Alliance issued the following statement in response to the news:

    “Following Robin Cook’s statement on hunting in the House of Commons today, the Alliance remains confident that the Government is seeking a solution that respects both human rights and animal welfare.

    “The Alliance will however continue to warn government of the consequences of any ban on hunting – which would not help a singlefamily in the UK and would harm many.”

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