Fairwell to the foxhound Woldsman 06

  • In memory of Woldsman 06 – a Yorkshire legend

    From the moment he came into the world, Woldsman made his presence felt. He was a huge doghound whelp, intelligent and full of character, bossing his sisters Winter and Woodruff, and lording it over his brother Wisdom.

    He did not have the time to indulge in the usual hound puppy behaviour of escaping because he was completely involved in chewing, digging and trashing the whelpers’ garden, home and poultry.

    It was with great relief that he was sent to Mount Farm to be walked by Katie Jackson, a perfect environment for his further education. Here he was adopted by Tilly, a retired Fellhound who taught him manners, and he slept in front of the Aga with the ‘gang’ — an assortment of gundogs, terriers and visiting canines which further developed his social skills.

    There he also learned to be steady with fowl (ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys), the pet pig and lambs, and household felines – an important experience which enabled him to concentrate resolutely when he was a first year entry showing exceptional talent.

    During an early first season hunt, Woldsman was seen independently owning the line with his deep, mellow, resonant voice, leading the pack to victory.

    This prowess continued to give some glorious days. After four seasons with the Middleton, Woldsman was drafted to the Sinnington where he continued there for another two seasons.

    Adrian Dangar MFH finally retired him, offering him back in retirement as a very special hound, to his original home at Mount Farm. In his retirement Woldsman became a gentle, loving member and totally integrated into the household.

    He went shooting, bush beating and on exercise with the hunters. He was house-trained as a pet dog, sleeping with the family, playing ball with the new puppies and sitting on command.

    Woldsman had always been devoted to Katie which was totally mutual, and surely he had the kind of life which we would wish to all our favourites. He will be sadly missed.

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