Calling all “hunting” dogs

The Countryside Alliance is organising a “dog vigil” in Parliament Square, London, on Wednesday 9 July to highlight the plight of dogs whose lives would be affected by a hunting ban.

The third reading of the Hunting Bill takes place in the House of Commons on Wednesday and the Countryside Alliance wants to demonstrate the far-reaching consequences of a ban.

Hunts surrounding London and within a reasonable distance of the city have been invited to bring a selection of their working dogs such as Beagles, hounds, Lurchers and terriers to attend the “dog vigil”.

Members of the public and their pets or working dogs are also invited to join in and show their support as the ban could have implications on dog walkers whose animals chase wildlife.

Tim Bonner, spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance, says: “If this discriminatory bill goes through, up to 20,000 hounds and thousands of other working dogs will have no future.

“It’s not too late for politicians to start dealing with hunting in a reasonable manner rather than legislating on the basis of their prejudice.”

The vigil will take place between 5pm and 7pm and anyone wanting more information should call the Countryside Alliance’s Action Office (tel: 01367 850488) or visit www

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