Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for attacks against hunt kennels

  • Animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for the night of vandalism which saw hunt kennel buildings and vehicles across Gloucestershire targeted.

    This anonymous report has been posted on the Animal Liberation Front’s forum site Biteback:

    “On the night of Sat. the 16th of Feb. we took action against the Beaufort and Vale of the White Horse Hunt kennels as well as the offices of the Master of Foxhounds Association.

    “In all 16 vehicles including horse boxes, cars and 4×4’s had their tyres slashed, paintstripped and painted. We also painted their walls with ALF.

    “This action is dedicated to Mike Hill the young hunt sab killed by hunt scum.

    “This action is also timed to coincide with the anniversary of the hunt ban 3 years ago.

    “The ban’s not being enforced and most hunts still kill animals. Maybe when they stop breaking the law we will.

    “No Justice Just Us. ALF”

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