Natural horse remedies: manuka honey

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    Alternative remedies, although not a substitute for veterinary attention, can be incredibly effective healers.

    How does manuka honey work?
    Humans have been using honey to treat wounds since ancient Egyptian times, but in recent years clinical studies have added gravitas to existing anecdotal evidence.

    Research shows that medical-standard manuka honey can be effective in treating hard-to-heal wounds in horses.

    The results of a study presented by Sydney University last year showed that wounds in horses that received no treatment took an average of 64 days to heal, while those treated with manuka honey gel took 47 days.

    The honey’s exact healing mechanism is still unclear, although it seems to have an antibacterial and immune-modifying effect on the key initial healing phase.

    Beware of using herbal and natural products on competition horses where the ingredients and properties are not known.

    If you are competing “under rules”, check the product you are using does not contain any banned substances and be extra careful not to exceed the recommended dose.

    For the full veterinary article on alternative remedies see the current issue of H&H (2 February 2012)

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