Coping with eye injuries

  • If your horse has an eye injury, or you suspect a problem with the internal structures of the eye, approach the horse carefully and speak to him as he may be suffering from impaired vision.

    If a foreign object is in the eye, try and flush it out with clean water, using a syringe.

    If an object, such as a thorn, is penetrating the eye, do not take any action until the vet arrives.

    Lacerations or wounds on the eyelid or around the eye should be treated with extreme care.Gently apply pressure with a sterile pad to stop the bleeding and cleanse the wound with water and cotton wool. The wound may need suturing, so contact your vet as soon as you possibly can.

    If your horse is showing any of the following symptoms, you will need to contact your vet for further advice or treatment:

    • Swelling and discomfort
    • Closing of the eye
    • Weeping
    • Discharge
    • Bleeding
    • Red ocular membranes

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