Alternative equine remedies: arnica

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    Alternative remedies, although not a substitute for veterinary attention, can be incredibly effective healers.

    How does arnica work?
    One of the most widely used natural remedies, arnica is available as creams and ointments, but also in different strength homeopathic pills for different purposes.

    It should be taken as soon as possible after the initial injury, then repeated as appropriate.

    Nick Thompson MRCVS of Holisticvet says: “Arnica works by stimulating white blood cell activity, which, in turn, helps disperse congested blood and trapped fluids from muscles and joints.

    “It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce pain and swelling and accelerate healing.”

    Beware of using herbal and natural products on competition horses where the ingredients and properties are not known.

    If you are competing “under rules”, check the product you are using does not contain any banned substances and be extra careful not to exceed the recommended dose.

    For the full veterinary article on alternative remedies see the current issue of H&H (2 February 2012)

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