By using mirrors to correct your riding and working on your horse’s development, you will progress and develop competition movements that are natural to your horse to produce.

Using mirrors as a training aid for visual feedback is a tremendous advance in teaching when you don’t have a trainer, helping you to see, rather than feel, your positioning. Using mirrors also helps your horse to produce and develop amazing transition between dressage paces.

The instantaneous feedback you get from seeing your horse’s outline, your seat and application of the aids is like having a trainer watching your every move — without the hourly rate!

Mirrors for training

Mirrors for Training’s arena mirrors are uniquely backed with galvanised steel and offer superb clarity that cannot be matched by any other mirror supplier as the system is unique. It can be adapted to both outdoor and indoor, vertical and horizontal installation configurations. Following the installation of the mirrors your schooling will be twice as effective as you will be able to assess straightness outline and quality of movement visually.

FACT: Approximately 65% of the population area visual learners

FACT: 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual

FACT: Visual aids installed in the training arena can improve learning by up to 400%


Mirrors for Training’s arena mirrors are suitable for all weathers, generously sized at 8ft x 4ft and have superior reflection. They are made of uniquely designed backed and framed galvanised steel, making them tough enough for all weathers. Unlike the cheaper, wooden-backed alternatives, Mirrors for Training’s mirrors won’t warp and distort your reflection.

Mirrors for Training offers a full design and fitting service from only £275, plus VAT per mirror (supply only). 

For more information, please visit or email: 01902 791207/07737 263611

Indoor training mirror