10 forum threads that got you talking in 2014

  • Anyone who rides knows that the horse world is never short of debate — and the Horse & Hound forum is certainly no exception. We’ve picked out the top 10 threads that got you talking during 2014.

    1. Homemade fly spray recipes
    From citronella and eucalyptus oil to cold tea and cider vinegar, our forum users are not short of recipe ideas to keep flies at bay during the summer.

    2. Tumeric to help joints
    Does feeding tumeric really help with stiff joints in horses? And if so, how much should you feed?

    3. Horse shot by livery owner
    Forum members discussed the shocking news that a horse was shot and dumped in its rider’s garden in October — allegedly over a dispute about a livery bill.

    4. Stop calling it a menage!
    Sometimes it just takes grammar to get us going… “I thought the fashion for dropping French words in with every second breath waned post-Chaucer in the 15th century,” wrote one user. “Apparently ridiculous affectation has a long afterlife in the equestrian community. Summary: ‘Manege’ NOT ‘menage’, NOT ‘menage’ but ‘MANEGE’.”

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    5. My next equine project horse
    You gave your thoughts on a user’s latest equine purchase. “Efforts to hide my project horse from the OH (other half) have failed, so everyone can see him now. Will have to cook a good meal tonight for him, he will come round when he is full!”

    6. How to convert guineas into pounds
    Find out how to convert guineas into pounds so that you’re not caught out at an auction.

    7. How to make your own leather conditioner
    Always wondered how to make your own leather conditioner to keep your tack in top condition? Here’s the answer…

    8. Phrases that get up your nose
    There are some horsey phrases that seem to really grind — from “not a novice ride” to “oh, he’s never done that before” when the horse you’re trying out puts in an impressive buck.

    9. Recovering from the worst day of my life
    A forum member shares their sad story of a harrowing accident while out on a quiet hack.

    10. Correct spacing for canter and trotting poles
    Do you always get stuck when it comes to getting the correct spacing for canter and trotting poles? This should help.

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