Spent hours chasing your horse around the field? 10 reasons why he won’t be caught

If you're the type of person who allows an hour extra to ride just to catch your horse, you might be interested to read these (possible) explanations for his unwillingness to have his headcollar on...

1. Grass

Imagine you’re at a free all-you-can-eat buffet and someone, without logical explanation, tries to take you away. I don’t think so…

2. He hates the stable life

Confined spaces aren’t for everyone. If a claustrophobic knew they were about to spend 12-plus hours in a box, they’d probably try to avoid this situation.

3. He’s a copy cat

He saw his field-mate not be caught last Wednesday and it looked jolly good fun.

4. Too much of a socialite

He would rather enjoy the company of his friends out in the paddock. No one wants to be the first one picked up at a party.

Continued below…

5. It has become routine

He tried it once, twice, three times – now it’s just the thing to do.

6. He just doesn’t like you

The whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ doesn’t always work. What if it is actually you? In all seriousness, are you treating him well? Are you mixing up his flatwork sessions to assure he’s not getting bored? Are YOU pleasant to be around?

7. Point the finger

Blame his last owner. It was them he didn’t like. It was them that were the problem. Not you. You’re ace. Thanks to the fault of previous owners, the ‘not-catching-drama’ has become routine. So don’t blame yourself – you guys will work through this. Stay strong.

8. Won’t do owt for nowt

No treat? Not even a pat on the neck for golden behavior? He might as well not bother next time…

9. Gobble and run

Maybe you do reward him when he’s good, but he’s just very intelligent. He has clocked that he can swiftly gobble the treat and then do a runner and yet you’ll still try next time with another treat. It’s a vicious cycle…

10. He thinks you enjoy the game

He’s a people pleaser and genuinely thinks you enjoy the game. Running around the field together before the ride? Sounds like special bonding time to me…

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