T.E.N. is the new range of targeted nutrition supplements brought to you from the makers of SPILLERS®. Created by horse owners, the products have been developed with the real challenges that horse owners face in mind. Here we look at how one owner has used T.E.N. to keep her mare more comfortable in her later years…

Johanna Steward has owned 22-year-old Charm, a 15.1hh Arab cross, for 18 months after having her for a short period on loan.

“Charm is a pleasure to own and although she is a typical mare, she is getting more affectionate the better I get to know her!” says Johanna.

In her younger days Charm used to excel at cross-country, but due to some joint stiffness, she is taking life a little easier these days. This makes her the perfect partner for Johanna who classes herself as a happy hacker; and who can blame her with Bedford Park on their doorstep to enjoy. They regularly go out for long rides together, but Johanna says “I let Charm dictate the pace, as she has good days and bad days with her joint health, so she lets me know if she is feeling up for it.”

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With joint health being a concern, Johanna has had Charm on a joint supplement since taking her on. She was recommended T.E.N. Senior Joints by a SPILLERS® nutritionist, so decided to give it a go as “it has a good level of glucosamine,” she explains, “and I was also interested to see if the Devil’s Claw would make a difference. The fact that it was also cheaper was an added bonus!”

Since being on T.E.N. Senior Joints, Johanna is pleased with the results: “Charm is more comfortable and keen to have a few more gallops when out riding, so I’m going to keep using the supplement,” she says.

Although T.E.N. is available exclusively online, Johanna jokes that “as my husband is always on the computer I’ve had to place my order over the phone, but he does helpfully tell me when my supplement has been dispatched!”

All about T.E.N. Senior Joints

Joint_SeniorJointsT.E.N. Senior Joints provides targeted nutrition for veteran horses requiring a greater level of support for their joints. It includes high levels of the iconic joint ingredients glucosamine and MSM to help maintain joint integrity, as well as dried rosehips, which are rich in antioxidants. Vitamin D has been included to help facilitate calcium absorption and metabolism essential for bone health in senior horses.

T.E.N. Senior Joints also includes Devil’s Claw to help keep your senior horse comfortable and enjoying life, especially when joint stiffness is a concern. The supplement costs £35.99 for a 30-day supply.

If you have any questions about T.E.N. Senior Joints you can visit www.tensupplements.co.uk for more information, or tel: 01908 311010 to speak to a member of the team.