Does your horse deserve to become a unicorn? *Promotion*

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Does your horse seem a bit more magical than the rest? Have you ever wondered if in fact you are the proud owner of a unicorn? Good news! Helping your horse release their inner unicorn has never been easier.

Made-to-measure unicorn horns for horses are now a reality – and they are just as majestic as they sound. A small business called Unicorn Corner is turning horses and ponies into unicorns with adorably magical browbands and bridle attachments. Before you head over to Unicorn Corner to pick up a unicorn horn browband of your own, read on to discover if your horse is indeed a unicorn. If your horse exhibits any of the following signs, it could mean a unicorn transformation will be in order!


Unicorns and fairytales

Four signs your horse is a unicorn

Magical inclinations
Has your horse demonstrated extraordinary abilities, like jumping higher or galloping faster than you thought was possible? This could indicate unicorn-worthy potential.

Stealing the show
Is your horse happiest at the center of attention? Love of the limelight might mean your equine is dreaming of releasing the fabulous unicorn within.


Photo by Pamela Salai Photography (www.pamelasalaiphoto.com)

Glamorous gait
Has your gelding got a hop in his step? Your mare a swing in her stride? This may distinguish your horse’s inner unicorn from that of its less magical peers.

Uncanny insight
Have you ever wondered what your horse is thinking? If it seems like your steed knows something you don’t, he probably does.


Lina the Unicorn, by Zoé Photography (Germany)

If you’ve discovered your horse is actually a unicorn, he may need a bit of help realising his unicorn potential. First and foremost, you’ll need a horn. Luckily,

Unicorn Corner can help you transform your horse or pony into the unicorn of its dreams. They offer unicorn horns in three sizes and infinite colours, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your equine. They’ve already brought back the unicorns on six continents and in dozens of countries, and are certainly completing their mission of making the world a more magical place.


Unicorns exist!

Long live the unicorns!

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